White lines

This is Ross Neil’s first short film. Prior to this he has directed several TV commercials and remains an avid science fiction, comic and fine art fan.

Ross is currently creative director in a leading London advertising agency. He’s worked in advertising for 7 years working on clients such as 118 118, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Birdseye, Ferrero Rocher, Food Standards Authority, Kinder, Mini, News of the World, Pot Noodle, Royal Marines, Royal Navy, The Sun, Sky and Weetabix to name just a few.

Before working in advertising Ross studied fine art at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts London for three years, in which time he was assistant to both Peter Blake and Mark Wallinger. After getting a Masters he made the leap from the Art world to Advertising and finally to directing.

He still has a working studio at home to make marquets, proto-types and miniature sets. He is currently working on his next short film.

To contact Ross please e-mail info@defoefilm.com

White lines